Steele Winery Tasting

Steele Winery Tasting

Tasting wines from Steele Winery on Winery Wednesday

With special guest ~ Drew Procaccini from Steele Winery

Flight of 4 wines: $13.00 - Wines we will be tasting with special event only Bottle to go pricing.

2014 Steele, Chardonnay, Lake County, CA
Today’s Special Bottle To-Go Price: $19.99

 2013 Writers Block, Syrah, Lake County, CA
Today’s Special Bottle To-Go Price: $15.99

 2014 Steele, Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Hills, Lake County, CA
Today’s Special Bottle To-Go Price: $23.99

2014 Steele Zinfandel, Mendocino County, CA
Today’s Special Bottle To-Go Price $17.99

Steele Winery - Making Our Wines
At Steele Wines we have a minimalist winemaking style in that we use standard, non-GMO yeasts, natural fermentations, no extra additives or enzymes. We use a gentle pumpover during fermentations, inert gas to move the finished wines, and use gravity flow rather than pumping as much as possible. The use of gentle pumping and gravity flow decreases the chance of bruising the wine during cellar movement and is important to keeping fresh aromas and flavors in our wines. From hand-picked grapes to gentle processing and our own bottling facility we know how our grapes are cared for from vineyard to bottle. We believe a lighter hand in the winemaking will highlight the aromas and the flavors of the quality fruit we source.

We source fruit from as far away as Santa Barbara County to Washington State, to as close as next door, to give our customers a quality product they can enjoy every day without paying ‘quality prices’. After the grapes are harvested they are kept in their individual vineyard lots until blending time, which is just before bottling so that integrity of each vineyard shows through in the wines. The fruit we source for the Steele label is the same as Shooting Star. The Shooting Star wines are more appellation blends and off- the - wall varietals that are fermented in stainless or aged in oak for a shorter period of time to ensure bright, fruit forward wines that are meant to be enjoyed while young. The Steele label wines are single vineyard designates or specific vineyard blends that age in oak for a longer period of time and are meant to drink soon or will hold up for 8-10 years of proper cellaring or longer.

Union Sacre Wines Tasting

Union Sacre Wines Tasting

Union Sacre Wines Tasting with special guest ~ Steve Carrico from Burke Wines

Flight of 4 wines: $13

2016 Union Sacre, Gewurtraminer

Santa Lucia Highlands, CA

Today’s Special Bottle To-Go Price: $22.99

 2015 Union Sacre, Riesling

San Luis Obispo, CA

Today’s Special Bottle To-Go Price: $18.99

 2015 Union Sacre, Chardonnay

Santa Barbara County, CA

Today’s Special Bottle To-Go Price: $32.99

2015 Union Sacre ,Cabernet Sauvignon

Santa Barbara County, CA

Today’s Special Bottle To-Go Price $25.99

About Union Sacre Wines

9:33pm on a Tuesday in October 2012. Xavier and I have been here since 630am, there’s just one last press load to finish. He and I have been friends for a while, but this is our first harvest together, we’ve easily spent more time together the past 2 months than in the prior 6 years. We’re too tired for jokes, so talk turns to wine; specifically our friends’ wines, the wines we miss and the wines we would love to make if only we could. As we share stories two disparate worlds begin to collide into a simple pangaea.

Xavier and I have been friends with and working with the same group of inspired winemakers forever: he on the winemaking end and I on the creative.  Since 2011 he’s been Assistant Winemaker at Sans Liege, before that with Barrel 27, Herman Story and Arcadian. I’ve been working with Proof Wine Collective and designing labels for Herman Story, Sans Liege, and Desparada. That night, waiting for the press to finish, the spirit of Union Sacre was born. If we had the chance, why not create something to share at dinner with the winemakers, friends and family from whom we’ve learned so much?

We are not auteurs, adventurers or advocates, we are simply two friends throwing all our weight into making wine worthy of our friends’ and families’ tables. Union Sacre is the bread we break together.     

- Philip Muzzy, Partner, Union Sacre Wines

Paraiso Vineyards Tasting

Paraiso Vineyards Tasting

Paraiso Vineyards Tasting

With special guest ~ Stephanie Miller from Classic Wines

Flight of 4 wines: $13

2015 Paraiso, Chardonnay, Monterey, CA

Today’s Special Bottle To-Go Price: $18.99

2016 Paraiso, Rose of Pinot Noir,  Monterey, CA

Today’s Special Bottle To-Go Price: $18.99

2012 Paraiso, Pinot Noir Santa Lucia, Highlands, CA

Today’s Special Bottle To-Go Price: $23.99

2016 Paraiso ,Riesling, Monterey, CA

Today’s Special Bottle To-Go Price $18.99

About Paraiso Vineyards

Rich and Claudia Smith arrived in Monterey County in 1973, their children and belongings in the car. Fresh out of college, the young couple was searching for the perfect locale to try out their newly minted U.C. Davis training. Thirty years later, the Smith Family is one of the most influential and respected growers on California’s Central Coast – the Smith Family has been instrumental in Monterey’s rise to prominence as a world-class winegrowing region. Today Rich and his son Jason oversee 3,000 acres of grapes throughout Monterey County, providing fruit to Beringer, Hess, Mondavi, Kendall-Jackson, and many others. In 1988, the Smiths began producing very limited, much sought-after wines under their own P.S.V. banner...

The rugged Santa Lucia Mountains frame Monterey County’s fertile Salinas Valley on the west, separating it from the Pacific Ocean. The famed Santa Lucia Highlands appellation encompasses a series of small alluvial terraces on the lower slopes of the range – perfect for boutique growers of world-class Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Syrah. The vines of this unique hillside district enjoy cooling ocean breezes and fog from nearby Monterey Bay. The resulting slow, gentle ripening contributes to California’s longest “hang time” – creating exceptional intensity, complexity, and balance in the grapes. Planted in 1973, the sixteen small vineyard plots of Paraiso Springs occupy unique microclimatic niches on the 400-acre estate. With varying elevations and soils, each plot boasts its own terroir, its own special sense of place…

The Smith Family has earned its reputation through constant experimentation and innovation, both in the vineyard and in the cellar. Combining time-honored techniques with these latest advances, Rich and Claudia’s son-in-law, winemaker David Fleming, practices his art – hands-on, barrel-by-barrel. The limited release wines of P.S.V. are among the most awarded in the state, eagerly sought after by collectors across the country…