Cass Vineyard and WInery

Cass Vineyard and WInery

Winery Wednesday featuring

Cass Vineyard and Winery

With special guest: Bryan Cass, Cass VIneyard and Winery's Winemaker.

Flight of 4 wines: $15.00

 2016 Cass, Roussanne, Paso Robles, CA

Today’s Special Bottle To-Go Price: $24.99

 2016 Cass, Oasis Rose’, Paso Robles, CA

Today’s Special Bottle To-Go Price: $22.99

 2015 Cass, Grenache, Paso Robles, CA

Today’s Special Bottle To-Go Price: $30.99

2014 Cass, C.A.B Cabernet Sauvignon, Paso Robles, CA

Today’s Special Bottle To-Go Price $28.99

Wednesday, September 27,  5 -8:00 pm

ABOUT CASS VINEYARD AND WINERY - is located in the rolling, oak-studded hills between Paso Robles and Creston on California's beautiful Central Coast. This area that the vineyard calls home offers quiet serenity for the visitor and an ideal growing environment for wine grapes.

Sited due east of the “Templeton Gap”, we receive the evening's cooling breezes that the west side of Paso Robles is noted for. We also rest far enough from the coast to generate the heat needed to optimally ripen the Rhone varieties grown on our 145 acre estate vineyard. Visit us to experience the best of paso robles wineries.

Blind Wine Tasting

Blind Wine Tasting

Blind Wine Tasting

Today is designed to test the wine aficionados and for everyone who likes wine.

Evaluating, or judging, a wine is a fundamental part of "wine lore". Everyone does it, and at its simplest level the question asked is "Do I like this?" and then, "Why?" At more experienced levels, tasters try to specify what they like - is it the color, the aroma, the flavor? At competitive levels, tasters will assign points to these and other categories, and rank wines in comparison to one another. That's how medals and other prizes are awarded.

Not only is tasting wine blind a critical component of the Sommelier testing, it helps you become more conscious and aware of the richness of the wine.

You will be tested on 8 identifiers.  Here are hints to enhance your enjoyment of your Blind Tasting.

Look at the wine - write something down

Smell the wine - write something down

Taste the wine - write something down


Your flight will include 4 pours - 2 reds and 2 whites. Get all the identifiers correctly and you win a bottle of wine!

Join in the monthly fun! Bring your friends, compared tasting notes and SAVOR Great Wine together.

Zaca Mesa Tasting

Zaca Mesa Tasting

WInery Wednesday features the wines of Zaca Mesa Winery and Vineyards

A vineyard and winery pioneer in the Santa Barbara County

With special guest - Danielle Freschet from American Wines

Flight of 4 wines: $14.00

2014 Zaca Mesa, Viognier, Santa Ynez Valley, CA

Today’s Special Bottle To-Go Price: $16.99

 2014 Zaca Mesa, Z Blanc, Santa Ynez Valley, CA

Today’s Special Bottle To-Go Price: $18.99

 2013 Zaca Mesa, Z Cuvee Santa Ynez Valley, CA

Today’s Special Bottle To-Go Price: $20.99

2013 Zaca Mesa, Syrah, Santa Ynez Valley, CA

Today’s Special Bottle To-Go Price $23.99


Commitment to Quality

We are a family-owned, estate winery dedicated to Syrah and other Rhône varietals. We handcraft our wines with integrity using traditional methods. The third winery established in Santa Barbara County, Zaca Mesa is known for not only producing great wines, but producing some of the region's best winemakers.

We hand craft our wines with integrity using traditional methods from grapes sustainably grown in our Santa Barbara County vineyard. Since 1973, we have farmed and nurtured our vineyard to produce wines that are true to the unique spirit of our land.


Purchased in 1972 by John Cushman and five friends, the first vines were planted a year later in 1973. Only the third winery in Santa Barbara County at that time, Zaca Mesa became a Santa Barbara County “vineyard wildcatter”- experimenting with many varietals, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Zinfandel, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, and Chardonnay to see what would work. After several years of trial and error, Syrah was planted in 1978. Unbeknownst to the early winemaking team at the time, this block would become what is today the renown Black Bear Block, the oldest Syrah block in the Central Coast.

As a vineyard and winery pioneer in the Santa Barbara County, Zaca Mesa also became the training ground for many great winemakers. Ken Brown was Zaca Mesa’s first winemaker who later started Byron in Santa Maria Valley. Adam Tolmach, Jim Clendenen and Bob Lindquist worked at Zaca Mesa before venturing out on their own to start Ojai, Au Bon Climat and Qupé, respectively. The number of winemakers that got their start at Zaca Mesa helped create what is now known as Zaca University. The first Central Coast wine (one of only two to this day) to achieve a Wine Spectator Top Ten was the 1993 Zaca Mesa Syrah, which came in at #6 and was the creation of winemaker Daniel Gehrs. This wine was also the wine of choice served at the White House on February 1, 1996 for the French President Jacques Chirac official State Dinner.

It was Daniel Gehrs who realized that while Zaca Mesa’s vineyards were too far inland from the coast to produce quality Pinot Noir, and not quite hot enough to produce quality Cabernet Sauvignon, they turned out to be ideal for Rhône Varietals. The soil, climate, and altitude of the Zaca Mesa vineyards were great not only for Syrah, but also for Roussanne, Viognier, Grenache, Mourvedre, Cinsault, and Grenache Blanc which were planted in the 1990’s and 2000’s.

Since 1997, the vineyard and winemaking practices have focused on growing the best Syrah, Viognier, and other Rhône varieties. Since then, Zaca Mesa has ripped out over half the original vines, and replaced them with high-density plantings of new rootstock and clone combinations to significantly improve quality. The result is Zaca Mesa wines consistently receive high scores and praise industry wide.


In 2010, another Zaca Mesa Syrah (the 2006 vintage produced by Clay Brock) burst through with a #29 ranking in Wine Spectator’s Top 100. Eric Mohseni became head winemaker in 2008 and consistently produces 90+ scores, including the #59 Wine Enthusiast ranking of the 2009 Black Bear Block Syrah.

Eric spearheaded Zaca Mesa fruit sales over the years to the point where the farming and winery operation need attention from a Director’s perspective to get the best quality production from the vineyard.  By proving her wine-making talent with the Homage series, Kristin’s promotion is a fitting and natural step in her development. In 2016, Eric Mohseni was promoted to Director of Vineyard and Winery Operations and Kristin Bryden was promoted to Winemaker.

John Cushman, along with his brother Lou, became 100% owners of Zaca Mesa in 1988. Still family owned and deeply rooted in Central Coast winemaking tradition, Zaca Mesa is a place where you can enjoy quality made wine in a rustic setting among the mountains and scattered oaks.

Morgan Winery Tasting

Morgan Winery Tasting

Winery Wednesday features Morgan Winery

With special guest - Tessa Trowbridge from Monterey Bay Wine Company

"Morgan is one of the Highlands' finest producers.  While the winery itself is situated in Salinas, Dan and Donna Lee have their roots in their Double L Vineyard of the Santa Lucia Highlands." International Wine Review

Flight of 4 wines: $14.00

2016 Morgan, Albarino, Monterey County, CA

Today’s Special Bottle To-Go Price: $18.99

 2015 Morgan, Highland Chardonnay, Santa Lucia Highlands, CA

Today’s Special Bottle To-Go Price: $26.99

 2015 Morgan, Twelve Clones Pinot Noir, Santa Lucia Highlands, CA

Today’s Special Bottle To-Go Price: $33.99

2015 Morgan, G-17 Syrah, Santa Lucia Highlands, CA

Today’s Special Bottle To-Go Price $20.99


With more than thirty years’ experience, Dan Lee and the Morgan label have been synonymous with artisan, vineyard-centric wines from the Santa Lucia Highlands and Monterey.

Coming from a small town in California’s Central Valley, Dan Morgan Lee had prepared initially for the study of veterinary medicine at the University of California, Davis.  It was late in his college career that he discovered enology satisfied his interest in both science and agriculture. Immediately enrolling in the graduate enology program, Dan completed his studies and was hired as winemaker at Jekel Winery in Monterey County.


After serving his apprenticeship at Jekel, Dan moved up the road to Durney Vineyard where he continued to make Monterey wines. While making wine full-time for Durney, Dan aspired to craft his own label.  It was at a meeting of the Monterey County Winegrowers Association that he shared his vision with a banker. In addition to becoming his business advisor, that banker would also become Dan's wife.

Dan & Donna Lee: Morgan Winery's Proprietors

In 1982, Dan and Donna Lee opened the doors of Morgan Winery. Their very first Monterey Chardonnay earned a Gold Medal at the LA County Fair and a Platinum Medal from Wine & Spirits Magazine. Since then, Morgan has become one of the Central Coast’s most recognized labels, earning “Winery of the Year” honors from Wine & Spirits in 1996 and from the San Francisco Chronicle in 2003. In 2005, Dan introduced a second label, Lee Family Farms – intended to provide a fun outlet for his exploration of “alternative” varietals.

Able to pick and choose fruit sources from around the state, Dan eventually turned more of his attention to the Santa Lucia Highlands and single vineyard releases.  Dan and Donna invested in their belief in the Highlands with the purchase of the Double L Vineyard in 1996. Today the Double L is one of the best known vineyards in California. Dan’s leadership and expertise in the district led to his being named the first Board President of the newly formed Santa Lucia Highlands’ winegrowers association in 2005.