Enriching your wine experience with Blind Tasting and Aroma Sensory Test.

Today is designed to test the wine aficionados
for everyone who likes wine and to smell.

Evaluating, or judging, a wine is a fundamental part of "wine lore". Everyone does it, and at its simplest level the question asked is "Do I like this?" and then, "Why?" At more experienced levels, tasters try to specify what they like - is it the color, the aroma, the flavor? At competitive levels, tasters will assign points to these and other categories, and rank wines in comparison to one another. That's how medals and other prizes are awarded. 


Blind Wine Tasting – Not only is tasting wine blind a critical component of the Sommelier testing, it helps you become more conscious and aware of the richness of the wine. TasteVin is using Court of Masters of Sommelier deductive tasting grid. 

You will be tested on 8 identifiers.  Here are hints to enhance your enjoyment of your Blind Tasting  

Look at the wine - write something down
Smell the wine - write something down
Taste the wine - write something down

Guess all 8 identifiers correct – Win a bottle of wine.

Aroma Sensory Analysis Test -  80% of wine tasting is olfactory, you really “rob” yourself of the complete wine tasting experience when you don’t stop to smell the roses- er, wine.

The contest has 12 unique aromas that need to be identified. The aromas are commonly found in various wine varietals such as strawberry & blackberry!

Correctly identify all 12 aromas - Win a TasteVin corkscrew.

Have FUN and ENJOY