Winesday features Bonny Doon Winery 

"On a spirited adventure to make naturally soulful, distinctive, and original wine."

Special Guest - Brian Cook, from Chambers and Chambers Wine Merchants is our host for the evening.  Brian will fill us with colorful stories and interesting information about this iconic winery.

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2014 Bonny Doon, "Gravitas" (White Bordeaux), California Appellation

2014 Bonny Doon, Clos de Gilroy (Grenache), Central Coast, CA

2014 Bonny Doon, "A Proper Claret", California Appellation

2013 Bonny Doon , Le Pousseur (Syrah),Central Coast, CA

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About Bonny Doon Vineyard

Randall Graham is the winemaker/innovator of Bonny Doon. 

Bonny Doon Vineyard has enjoyed a long history of innovation - the first to truly popularize Rhône grapes in California, to successfully work with cryo-extraction for sundry "Vins de Glacière, the first to utilize microbullage in California, the first to popularize screw caps for premium wines, and, quite significantly, the first to embrace true transparency in labeling with its ingredient labeling initiative. 

The upside of all of this activity has brought an extraordinary amount of creativity and research to the California wine scene; the doon-side, as it were, was perhaps an ever so slight inability to focus, to settle doon, if you will, into a single, coherent direction.

Bonny Doon Vineyard grew and grew with some incredibly popular brands (Big House, Cardinal Zin and Pacific Rim) until it became the 28th largest winery in the United States. Randall came to the realization – better late than Nevers – that he had found that the company had diverged to a great extent from his original intention of producing soulful, distinctive and original wines, and that while it was amusing to be able to get restaurant reservations almost anywhere (the only real tangible perk he was able to discern from the vast scale of the operation), it was time to take a decisive course correction. With this in mind, he sold off the larger brands (Big House and Cardinal Zin) in 2006 and Pacific Rim in 2010.

In the intervening years, the focus of the winery has been to spend far more time working with vineyards in improving their practices, as well as on making wines with a much lighter touch – using indigenous yeast whenever possible, and more or less eschewing vinous maquillage, (at least not to Tammy Faye Bakker-like levels). Recently, Randall has purchased an extraordinary property in San Juan Bautista, which he calls Popelouchum, (the Mutsun word for “paradise,”) where he is profoundly intent on producing singular wines expressive of place. There are also very grand plans afoot to plant a dry-farmed Estate Cigare vineyard. #staydooned.