Come in and meet Zeke Zinfandel™, the personification of a grape considered to be truly All-American. When Zeke had his DNA checked, he learned he has close relatives in Italy and Eastern Europe, yet his zippy peppery character has made him the go-to wine for classic American BBQ. Fortunately, like all great Vinotars® he has a varied repertoire of styles. When he comes from younger vines, he can be Peppery, Tart & Vibrant as well as lighter on the palate. In his most popular role, coming from big gnarly old vines, he packs quite a wallop of alcohol. He is Ripe, Jammy & Spicy, and perfect with BBQ meats. He can also tone down, becoming Mellow & Elegant becoming a wonderful partner for lighter food.

Come in and experience the BottleCru Style Challenge™ and find your preferred style for him!