Urban Legends hand crafts more than a dozen wines that each, uniquely, salutes the varied flavors of California and our home: Oakland, America’s most diverse city.

A flight of Urban Legend Cellars wines awaits you this Saturday.

To guide you through your tasting we have a special guest Susana Lerner.

Susana will be at TasteVin from 3:00 - 6:00 PM

About Urban Legends

Urban legends are remarkable but often apocryphal stories that spread like wildfire. Urban Legend is a winery in a city—almost an apocryphal story in itself—that makes remarkable wines.

“This is disruptive wine innovation.”

Matthew Reagan PhD, Chemical Engineering & Wine Connoisseur

Matt got it right when he said that about Urban Legend. We’ve never been shy about disruption. Throughout our careers, we’ve introduced technologies that no one ever thought would work—and changed the world. When we wanted to drink wines that were perfect complements to our local food—diverse flavors, honest ingredients, a sophisticated yet approachable style—we said: “We'll have to make them ourselves; we'll make them where the food is created—in the city; and we’ll do it together!” It’s not a traditional strategy—just a very American one.