Everyone's favorite wine enthusiast and owner of Threshold wine, Chris Mraz will be back at TasteVin today. Threshold Wine's purpose is to discover & work with small production wineries that share their dedication to quality, terroir & sustainability. 

Before Chris decides to carry a wine he actually spends time with the families and brings us the stories of their passion and love of wine making.

We will be tasting a flight of 5 Portuguese wines - Only $12.00

Sparkling: 2013 Sidonio de Sousa, Rosé Brut Nature,  Region: Barraida 

$17.99 SAT ONLY Bottle To-Go

Red: 2013 Casal do Ramilo, Red Blend, Region: Lisboa
 Grapes: Touriga Nacional, Aragónez

$16.99 SAT ONLY Bottle To-Go

Red: 2009 Monte de Penha, Monte Fino, Region: Alentejo
 Grapes: Touriga Nacional, Trincadeira, Aragónez, Alicante Bouschet

$16.99 SAT ONLY Bottle To-Go

Red: 2014 Quinta de S. Jose, Red Blend
 Region: Duoro
 Grapes: Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca

$22.99 SAT ONLY Bottle To-Go

Dessert: 2013 Quinta de S. Jose, Single Quinta Vintage Port, Region: Duoro 

$62.99 SAT ONLY Bottle To-Go

Chris always brings us great wines and great stories. 
Mark your calendars as this is a not to miss tasting! 

About Threshold Wines

As modern day négociants, we started off with our signature Gravity labels. Along the way, we've met some boutique producers that were simply too outstanding to leave undiscovered, so we proudly brought them into the Threshold Family of wines.
Finally, what is the Threshold? It's the point where a wine completes its long, improbable journey. When you take a sip, a wine passes through the Threshold and fulfills its raison d'être. We thank you for doing this part!