Explore the Wines of Greece!

Guest Pourer -  Kate Blinderman from Springboard Wines.

Notes from Lillian Lim;  "I attended a Greek Wine seminar with Springboard earlier this year and was so impressed with the selection of wines.  One of the producers (wineries), Domaine Zafereikas, is one that we have carried in the past.  I found some other great producers as well, Troupis Winery and Domaine Glinavos.  These are all family owned and operated, small production, working with traditional Greek varieties."

Here's what we will be pouring:

White: 2016 Domaine Zafeirakis, Malagousia, Tirnavos (grape variety: Malagousia)

SAT ONLY Bottle To-Go $17.99

Rosé: 2016 Domaine Zafeirakis, Limniona Rosé, Tirnavos (grape variety: Limniona)

SAT ONLY Bottle To-Go $16.99

Red: 2015 Troupis Winery, Agiorgitiko Fteri, Peloponnese (grape variety: Agiorgitiko) 

SAT ONLY Bottle To-Go $16.99

Red: 2013 Domaine Glinavos, Vlahiko, Ioannina (grape variety: Vlahiko)

SAT ONLY Bottle To-Go $24.99

Info on the wineries:

Domaine Zafeirakis: 

The Zafeirakis family is involved with the viticulture in the area of Tyrnavos  for more than 100 years.  Christos Zafeirakis followed his father’s footsteps with main goal the production of high quality wines from grapes of organic farming.  His passion for the art of high quality wines drove him to many famous wineries at Piemonte, Alto Adige and Tuscany where he had the chance to gain valuable lessons and enhance his working experience before returning to Greece.  At Domaine Zafeirakis, it is crucial to revive local varieties one of which is “Limniona”, which was first produced in November of 2008.

Troupis Winery:

The Troupis Winery is located in the heart of the Mantineia vineyards at an altitude of 700 m. in the area known as Fteri. Ioannis Troupis’ family has been involved in the wine industry since the mid-1970s. Modern family business of small capacity as it is exclusively involved with producing and bottling wine from the family’s privately-owned vineyards which they lovingly tend.

Domaine Glinavos:

Lefteris Glinavos knew from the first moment that his studies would contribute to make the most of and bring out the natural wealth not only of Zitsa, but also of Greece as a whole. Thus, in 1978 he decided to establish DOMAINE GLINAVOS in the Viticultural Area with Protected Designation of Origin, Zitsa, Ioannina.  He remains loyal to the tradition and the main varieties of the area of Ioannina and more specifically those of Zitsa: the white “Debina” and the reds “Vlahiko” and “Bekari”.